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As fully devoted followers of Christ we are mandated by Christ Himself to go and share the good news of salvation through Him alone with the lost. Sadly though, many countries are actually closing their doors to missionaries on the ground, even though statistics show more than two-million people search daily for spiritual matters online. I believe that makes Social Media and online church campuses a great way to reach those people in those countries, because they’re out there searching.
What type(s) of online tools/sites have you used to engage those in the world that are hurting, broken, hopeless, and lost? Share a story of that interaction if you you’d like. 

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My sign would read

Front side:  Wounded, broken, and bleeding out into the grey of lifless existance.

Back side: Proud to show the scars in my life as proof to the healing life found only in Christ.

What would YOUR sign say?

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