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Ever been rudely woken up out of a hard sleep? Yeah, me too – this morning in fact. Woken up by the yelling of “How big is your god…how big is your God!” My eyes pop open and I’m ready to go psycho Billy ninja on someone for waking me up before the alarm clock when I realize that it wasn’t from around me, but from inside me. As I sat up in bed, my mind beginning to clear from the fog of sleep, it became clear that, not only was it God that asked the question of me, but that He was waiting for an answer.

Admittedly my mind is spinning with a hundred answers to and thoughts about His question to me, and each one ending in a simple one word question of my own. Really? Each answer and thought forcing me to examine my own heart. Each question of “really?” forcing me to dig into places that, to be honest, I’d rather not go. Nevertheless, I’m begging God for the same thing David begged God for in Psalm 51.
“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”
Let me never bow to any other but You God. Search me Lord and open my eyes to those things deep inside myself that displeases You. Exchange all of You for all of me God. In Jesus name I ask, amen.


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David and Nathan
Every great leader, be it king, political, military, corporate, or ministerial has advisors that they keep close to in order to gain feedback and insight from. In my opinion, these same advisors no longer challenge “the king” for two basic reasons. One being the fear of retribution, the other is the comfort of complacency.
The Fear of Retribution presents itself when leaders become prideful they began to believe they need no accountability (i.e., advisement) to the point that anyone that dares to try and speak into their lives, or share their thoughts into the leaders decisions. The leader feeling threatened, feels a need to ‘do away’ with the threat. Creating fear in those that not only are closest to the leader, but that care the most about the vision the leader has cast, thus causing them to not speak into their leaders lives.
The Comfort of Complacency happens most often when the ‘advisors’ see themselves as being in such relationship to the leader that their advise is centered on keeping the leader ‘happy’ (non threatened). Because they are well taken care of this way and wouldn’t want to create ‘waves’ that would cause their comfort to be diminished. Thinking more of themselves then those that the leader’s decisions affect the most.
Not only should “the king” be challenged, but I believe it’s a must for greatness. Will I be willing to risk it all for those that seek my advise in order to help them achieve greatness? Would you? If we don’t we are simply left with mediocre leaders that have the potential to change the world with their leadership, but wont achieve their full potential because of our willingness to allow their pride to be established and strengthened or because of our unwillingness to be uncomfortable.

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