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My sign would read

Front side:  Wounded, broken, and bleeding out into the grey of lifless existance.

Back side: Proud to show the scars in my life as proof to the healing life found only in Christ.

What would YOUR sign say?


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This time of year always get’s me thinking about names and what goes into the naming process. Websters dictionary describes the word name to be a description, a word given to describe someone or something. When someone says I went to Yosemite, you understand where it is, the majesty there. If someone says I went to the Grand Canyon, you get a visual of its grandeur. When some one says I have seen the king, you don’t get a proper picture of whom he may be, because the word king is more of a title then a name. In Isaiah 9:6 the child to be born unto us, the Lord Jesus Christ, will be called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Many people say these are titles, I will argue that these are names. Take Prince of Peace, He is called The Prince of Peace, the Sar Shalom, not a peaceful prince. It is His name not just a title, He is not a mere peace maker, but The Prince over Peace.

Most of my readers have a personal relationship with God through Jesus, but some do not. I welcome them both, my question is why are you a follower of Christ vs one who rejects Him, why are you a fully devoted follower vs one who rejects Jesus. Who is this child who grew up fully Jewish, who is this child who at 12 was a teacher to many adults, who is this man who was called rabbi, teacher, Lord. Who is this man who is called Wonderful, Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. We have all these names for who Jesus is, who God is. The question is what is the name you have given Him, what do you call Him, to describe who He is to you. Whats in a name….majesty, soaring mountains, majestic cliffs, waterfalls, like at Yosemite. Or a gaping hole, an inspiring canyon, that you find at the grand canyon. I’m not looking for titles, I am looking for who God is to you. When I think of God I think of Abba, yes its a title but also a name, Daddy. When I think of God I think of Adonai, Master, to whom I am a slave, not a harsh master but a loving, caring, compassionate Master who gives instructions for living, as a blessing not as a burden. So who’s God to you, what name do you call him, be it good or not? For the One who was and is and is to come, why does the name you give him mean so much to you?

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Ever been rudely woken up out of a hard sleep? Yeah, me too – this morning in fact. Woken up by the yelling of “How big is your god…how big is your God!” My eyes pop open and I’m ready to go psycho Billy ninja on someone for waking me up before the alarm clock when I realize that it wasn’t from around me, but from inside me. As I sat up in bed, my mind beginning to clear from the fog of sleep, it became clear that, not only was it God that asked the question of me, but that He was waiting for an answer.

Admittedly my mind is spinning with a hundred answers to and thoughts about His question to me, and each one ending in a simple one word question of my own. Really? Each answer and thought forcing me to examine my own heart. Each question of “really?” forcing me to dig into places that, to be honest, I’d rather not go. Nevertheless, I’m begging God for the same thing David begged God for in Psalm 51.
“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”
Let me never bow to any other but You God. Search me Lord and open my eyes to those things deep inside myself that displeases You. Exchange all of You for all of me God. In Jesus name I ask, amen.

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A while back I read a blog that really got me thinking about the different styles of worship in a service within the Church. I found myself not arguing with the author’s premise of what the big “C” Church needs to do to bring the people into an atmosphere of worship but more about the how’s of bringing that worship about.
The reason is this, I believe with all my heart, it’s not about lights, music, or style. Doesn’t matter if you have plasma screens or overhead projectors. Doesn’t matter if the building seats 25 people hands-worshipingor 25 thousand people, and it doesn’t matter if your band has electric guitars or drums or strobes or even a 70 year old saint with an out-of-tune piano to worship Christ.
I’ve both worshiped God through music as well as through silence. Through the heart pounding loudness of a Thousand Foot Krutch song and through the sweet softness of Amazing Grace sang acapella. Through dancing before Him and through falling on my face from the shear weight of His presence.
The only thing that really matters is that every time the doors open the gospel of Jesus Christ is presented in a very real passionate way, in order to reach the lost for the Kingdom of God. This is just as much worship to, for, and of God as any song, setting, or style can bring me into.
This I believe, with all I am, that it’s all about His name and not ours, His leading and not our agenda.
With that said I can’t help my curiosity, so for today’s Fill in the Blank Friday. I’d like to ask you what type of worship experience do you prefer and why?
I prefer __________ style of worship because __________.

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